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Facilitator cum Founder of Path of Mystic :

Darsho Adarsho

Founder,Facilitator of Path Of Mystic, Director Darsho Education & Services, Founder One Spiritual World
Meditator, Global Facilitator, Therapeutic Energy Healer,
Past Life Regression Therapist and Spiritual Counsellor


“The Whole Work of Existence is to make you Flower. Just the Condition and Fear of Life holds you not to Trust Totally. Drop the Fear and Mind, You will understand the Truth.”

Darsho Adarsho is a Meditator, Global Facilitator, Therapeutic Energy Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist and Spiritual Counsellor dedicated to contemplating and self introspection. His driven passion for music and dance has also enabled him to be a Professional DJ; which he also regularly implements in his meditation workshops and production of spiritual music.

Darsho started his career as an entrepreneur and consultant working with several Corporate Companies from the IT, Digital Animation, Educational and Medical industries. It was during this time, he got his calling to begin his Spiritual Journey

Meditation and Spiritual Journey

Darsho began his Spiritual Journey into Discovering his Inner Self through Mindfulness Meditation over 2 decades ago. In 2004, he relocated to Pune, Maharashtra – India where he meditated intensively on his inner self transformation. Darsho expertises in Corporate Wellness using Meditation, Body-Mind Management and TFB Techniques for transforming work into joy and awareness.

Darsho has more than 2500 hours of Intensive Meditation Workshop Facilitating experience with a distinguished global clientele. His clientele includes individuals and companies from both government and private sectors in India; and in other countries like China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. His clientele includes executives at apex, top and middle levels. He conducts and organizes several meditation workshops dealing with stress management, failure management, mind-body management, enhancing inner and professional skills.

Since 2007, Darsho has been facilitating meditation workshops on Spirituality and Self Realization to people from diverse walks of life including individuals, corporate executives, school and college students, youth, relationships and families.


Meditation Workshop Deliverables and Engagements:

Darsho’s facilitating is tremendously engaging, intensive, interactive, experiential, and transformational. He builds a connection with the participants resulting in an effective transformational and oneness experience for each individual. Each workshop is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the concerned individuals and organizations which:

  1. Provide techniques which can be used as a daily practice,
  2. Enhances focus, flow, and performance
  3. Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
  4. Evolves and deepens spiritual life


Darsho’s Meditation Workshop Engagements

• Intensive Personal Sessions – targeted for executives / managers of top levels and individuals acquiring higher consciousness and awareness leading to self transformation to balance their professional and personal life.s

• Intensive Group Workshops – targeted for group sizes of 25 to 75 preferably. This is an interactive transformation method which effectively enhances work time and daily life activities. Meditating in a group intensifies and deepens the meditation experience through the naturally radiating energies present together in a meditative state.

TFB Meditation Technique – Transformation Techniques from Thinking to Being using Mind-Body Management as a tool for Relaxation and Self Discovery

In today’s high paced lifestyle an individual’s mind-body is extremely affected due to stress, anxiety and living up to commitments, which not only affects personal well being but equally affects professional performance. Darsho has formulated a Meditation Technique called TFB (Transformation Techniques from thinking to being using mind-body management as a tool for relaxation and self discovery). The TFB program is divided into:

• TFB for Corporate Wellness,
• TFB for Self Transformation,
• TFB for Children,
• TFB for Family Wellness.

His vision is to spread TFB globally creating a peaceful and blissful world specifically by integrating TFB into organizations, educational programs, health and wellness related services.

Full Moon and Planetary Healing Meditation

Darsho also expertises in conducting Full Moon and Planetary Healing Meditation from Himalayas where he learnt and researched this technique, he further improvised his meditation technique during several workshops and has created an effective video based on each planet which is implemented during workshops.


Planetary healing mediation is a sequential step healing system which maximises emotional clearing by connecting individuals to the cosmic energy of the universe. The most potent way for self healing and transformation is to awaken oneself by raising vibrations through consciousness and awareness. Individuals transform their physical and emotional pain into joy and happiness during the process by releasing negative energy and absorbing positive energy from the cosmos. It helps to identify their issues and take responsibility for their life and circumstances. Specially designed music for each planet is used to connect individuals together in oneness to send love and healing energy to the universe. The more energy and love you are able to project outwards into your world and into the cosmos, the more that will be returned to you and you shall be one with the universe.


Therapeutic Energy Healer and Past Life Regression Therapist

Darsho is a Certified Therapeutic Energy Healer from Thailand and Past Life Regression Therapist from Himalayas. He uses proven therapeutic healing techniques for energy healing which leads to activating the 7 chakras (energy centres) in the body resulting to a positive approach towards life. This relaxation technique reduces stress levels, improves overall circulation and also assists in centering oneself.

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique to access and re-experience what is believed are memories of past lives which explain who you are now and why you're here on Earth. Past life regression is typically undertaken in pursuit of a spiritual experience; it is a path for personal growth and healing, if an individual is looking for a deeper understanding and meaning

Darsho's past life regression therapy session/s involves an individual answering a series of questions to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives. The process will allow an individual to let go of fears and anxieties linked to past life which prevent them from achieving true happiness, success and knowing themselves better

Professional Certified DJ Artist

Darsho is a DJ in the midst of meditation. Sharing his passion for music and dance with others sparked his journey of being a Professional Certified DJ Artist from IN EARBEAT, Thailand. He understands music and continues to master the art of recreating, redefining and bring it to life.He uses his mixing techniques to produce meditation and relaxation music.Darsho is the Director of Darsho Education & Service, a registered company into multiple sectors based in Pune, India.


Brands under Darsho Education & Services are:

One Spiritual World (OSW)

Darsho is the Founder of One Spiritual World. OSW conducts International Spiritual Events, Workshops, Conferences and Exhibitions related to Mindfulness Meditation, Healing and Yoga. It is an open platform to share spiritual information, events and activities that happen all over the world. OSW also provides information about Corporate Wellness Programs and Spiritual Tourism.


Deals in Organic, Health and Natural Products. Currently into exporting Organic, Natural and Health products to different countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Darsho aims to launch an online store which will be catering to Organic, Health and Spiritual Products.NatuReal supports the families of underprivileged children by providing job opportunities and skill training for a better life.

Darsho Hand in Hand (DHIH)

DHIIH is a Social Charity Initiative with a difference into assisting underprivileged children with their educational needs, personal development training and daily necessities. Currently DHIH supports 53 children; DHIH organizes events, workshops and activities for their children and families based on the importance of life, education, employment and wellbeing. All the brands and activities conducted by Darsho support Darsho Hand in Hand (DHIH). Children are also provided different vocational trainings like stitching, cooking, painting, dancing, singing, craft handwork, and more. Meditation and Yoga for children are organized with techniques which can be used in their daily life and improve focus on studies considering the pressures and struggles they go through.

Educational Background

Darsho has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in International Business from Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India.