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Therapeutic Healing


Atisha has combined traditional Chinese pressure points by Meridians, scraping (Gua Sha), Thai bodywork with Energy lines (Sen Sib), Thai traditional wooden tools for deep muscle relaxation (Tok Sen) and Indian Yoga therapeutic stretching to support the recipients to remove the blockages which create the body pain such as frozen shoulders, lower back pain, knee pain, leg pain and multiple trigger points by emotional issues and general health issues. During and after the sessions, the recipients can feel the deep relaxation with more positive energy.

Being a certified Sivananda yoga teacher, a certified stretching exercises instructor, a Thai Government certified Thai Massage teacher,and Traditional Chinese Massage therapist, Atisha advises the necessary exercises for recipients to practice at home after sessions in order to have self-healing for the similar body issues in future. It is a body and mind Therapeutic Healing for people with suboptimal health status.

If you have any enquiries or would book a session with Atisha, please feel free to contact her by email at pandorasohk@gmail.comor What’s App at +85294659504

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